Nottingham Forest badge


Despite being a Pompey fan as a kid I was interested in West Ham and Nottingham Forest in the early 80s. In my opinion all three teams have iconic club badges. I’d like to think an eye for a decent logo was why I was attracted to West Ham and Forest but I know it was actually because Forest were winning everything and my old man followed the Irons.

What’s interesting about the Forest badge is it’s redesign in 1973. The club took the unusual step of opening the redesign up to public competition. The competition was won by David Lewis, a Designer and Lecturer in Graphic Design at was then Trent Polytechnic. A potted history of the redesign and Lewis’s proposal can be found here. It’s a great badge that’s stood the test of time whilst holding on to that 70s feel. Interesting too, is the use of the lower case ‘e’, which I’m sure I hadn’t noticed until now.