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I went to Murcia in Spain recently and found myself wandering around taking photos of typography and book covers. It’s dawned on me that since embarking on my Graphic Design degree I have, happily, turned into a type geek.

Shop sign

TipografiaShop sign

Neon signage

Car parkAlso, spent a lot of time in a great bookshop called antano that seemed to have the best book covers in Spain in one beautiful space. Love the illustration on this book cover below. Buy it here.

El Pajaro de Fuego

And I bought the lovely (and kind of pointless) book, Laberintos (Labyrinths or mazes) below. Buy that here.Laberintos


On a visit to our local (grotty) health centre we found some old Ladybird books for sale in the waiting room. When I say old I mean well old, for a children’s book anyway. Finger Rhymes was printed in 1976. How it had managed to get to this point in time intact I’ll never know. The Ladybird books were a big part of my childhood and the sense of innocence and the pre-PC-ness in them is really sweet. I’m sure you couldn’t get away with printing half the things in the book now (or is that just cynical me?) Anyhow, here’s a small selection of spreads.

Ladybird Finger Rhymes

Ladybird Finger Rhymes

Ladybird Finger Rhymes