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Aroe, graffiti artist, Worthing

Aroe, graffiti artist, Worthing

Worthing graffiti

Worthing graffiti


A delicate sense of terror

So, I’m still on a Brutalist, Modernist, social housing tip these days. I’m currently reading Lynsey Hanley’s excellent Estates: An Intimate History, which recounts the authors time and experience on a council estate outside Birmingham. As well as a deeply personal reflection on the effects of living on a council estate it is a great potted history of social housing in Britain. It was from this book that I found the quote on the image above. It comes from the architect James Dunnet who, when talking about Ernő Goldfinger‘s much maligned Balfron Tower in East London described the building as inspiring ‘a delicate sense of terror’. As Hanley notes…’is living in a council flat supposed to be delicately terrifying?’.

The image above is a kind of homage to bad photo + vintage filter + helvetica except it’s not a bad photo, it’s not filtered but I have used Helvetica. Because sometimes you just have to.

Many thanks for the amazing image of Trellick Tower (Balfrons big brother) taken by Ted Sandling.

Some great images and commentary on Balfron Tower and many other London housing projects on this great blog: Love London Council Housing.

After the street party

Sea views

I went to Murcia in Spain recently and found myself wandering around taking photos of typography and book covers. It’s dawned on me that since embarking on my Graphic Design degree I have, happily, turned into a type geek.

Shop sign

TipografiaShop sign

Neon signage

Car parkAlso, spent a lot of time in a great bookshop called antano that seemed to have the best book covers in Spain in one beautiful space. Love the illustration on this book cover below. Buy it here.

El Pajaro de Fuego

And I bought the lovely (and kind of pointless) book, Laberintos (Labyrinths or mazes) below. Buy that here.Laberintos


Waiting for God

Abandoned TV

Madrid graffiti

Saw this car window/bumper sticker in the wonderful Worthing a while ago. This is obviously quite a gamble on divine intervention and I’d suggest having the more conventional form of air bag fit – just in case. Nice use of the old Cooper Black typeface too if I’m not mistaken. Interestingly, (to me anyway) there’s a shouty, all caps version of the sticker too.

Jesus is my airbag

Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Trafalgar Street, Brighton