My last Graphic Design project of a heady year was to set up a design collective with two other fellow students (and friends as it turned out) and brand it. This entailed creating the company name and its ethos, logo design, website development, design of a stationery set and a promotional keepsake. Cue masses of research that took in the evangelical writings of Wally Olins countered by the militant opinions of Terry Eagleton, Naomi Klein et al.

The company had to be pitched to the class, two tutors and a professional; Stuart Lewin of BTL Brands. He really motivated us after a lacklustre pitch. Cheers Stuart.

The end result was a company called 29, so called because of the average age of the three of us. As some wag noted, I pushed the average up! We used the number 29 as a format on which all design was bases, whether it be grid systems, font point size or effects.

Going forward we’ll be taking the collective seriously but for now its really a W.I.P – lots more to do as far as work examples and promotion goes.

Professional looking website here. Nice work Ollie and Chris.

Here’s our slick stationery set consisting of letterheads, compliment slips, envelopes, stickers and three personal business cards.

Stationery set

And our lovely promotional freebie; a wooden pencil box with customised lid. A brochure featuring selected work sits inside.

Pencil box

Pencil box and brochure